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It will be here before we know it...
The Jodrell Side WI 
Annual Jumble Sale 
Friday 23rd February 
Start putting anything you no long need on one side
Tuesday 12th December
 Christmas Dinner 
Cheques required £18.50 
Payable to Jodrell Side WI
Don't forget to buy your gift for the table £2.00 spend
New Rules allow you to vote by proxy for next year’s President, therefore if you can’t be at the meeting and wish to vote please let Pat Ingram have your vote in a sealed envelope so that she can hand it to the tellers on the night. You don’t need to ask the nominees permission but it must be someone standing for Committee. 
Do you have any photographs or information you would like to see posted on our new website?
Please send to Lisa Hocknell at: or to our new e-mail address:
Photographs are best attached to the email as a file (jpeg) rather than inserted into the e-mail.
Craft & Chat is back!
Friday 17th November
See Pat Ingram for more details
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