Bowls Information

WED 12th Roll-up HOME
WED 19th Roll-up HOME
WED 3rd Roll-up HOME
TUES 9th Match V Astbury AWAY
WED 17th Match V Smallwood HOME
WED 24th Match V Astbury HOME
WED 31st Match V Holmes Chapel HOME
FRI 2nd Match V Smallwood AWAY
WED 14th Match V North Rode HOME
WED 21st Match V Capes/Siddington HOME
WED 28th Match V Holmes Chapel AWAY
WED 5th Match V Over Alderley HOME
FRI 7th Match V Over Alderley AWAY
WED 12th Match V North Rode AWAY
WED 19th Match V Holmes Chapel HOME
TUES 1st Match V Capes/Siddington AWAY
WED 9th Match V Swettenham HOME
WED 16th Match V L. Withington HOME
MON 21st Match V Swettenham AWAY
Wed 23rd Roll-up   
FRI 25th Match V L. Withington AWAY
WED 30th Roll-up   
FRI 15th FUN DAY                
To be held by Lower Withington 9.45am for 10am start                
£2 per player + packed lunch
NOTE - WI rules state, no practise before match               
Handicaps Swettenham 9 (3)           
                    Holmes Chapel 6 (2)           
                    Smallwood 3 (1)         

Matches will start at 2pm unless otherwise stated.               
The bowling club has allocated Wednesday Afternoon to Jodrell Side.               
When there isn't a match we will use that time for practise.   
Result as of Meeting Tuesday 11th July:
Jodrell Side WI have won 4 matches and lost 3.
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